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We take pride in our ability to do competent marketing which are one of our main areas of expertise. Using SEO , content marketing strategies, social media marketing, online and offline marketing we ensure that your website stand out and reach Google and other search engine’s first page.

Market Research

We offer comprehensive market research in order for you to have a clear idea of what your target audience wants as well as what your competitors are doing. Online growth and visibility are possible when you take the time to investigate past, present and possible future trends early. This allows you to stay abreast of the competition while expanding rapidly in your industry.

Translation and localization

We have a vast amount of in house translators and excellent affiliates that work with us to offer you the top translators across all industries. Ensuring your content is optimized for your local while keeping cultures in mind gives you peace of mind that your website is completely optimized for you target language and country too.

Online Marketing

Anyone with an online business knows that your website landing page as well as the rest of the pages is the first contact any potential client has. Experts in our team take on the task to ensure your online marketing is as comprehensive as possible allowing your rank to steadily climb in the search engines. This include a comprehensive collection of services including SEO, Social Media, reputation management that integrate with the rest of our marketing efforts.

Pay Per Click Marketing

With the Digi2b PPC specialists at your service can we help you reduce marketing costs, while offering you excellent return on investment. We know the value of Google AdWords when used properly all of which requires effort, time, and skill to succeed.

Blog Maintenance

We have found that Google algorithms prefer indexing websites with both interesting, updated and continuously relevant content. We ensure that everyone remains educated and informed about your brand and take your online presence seriously.

Search Engine Optimization

Your efforts in creating an excellent website with loads of content will go to waste when SEO is not done comprehensively. What would the use be town an attractive website which cannot be found for the keywords you brand yourself at? Without professional SEO practices integrated into pages and content we know you cannot achieve what you deserve. Comprehensive white hat SEO practices are what we specialize in.

Content Optimization and Creation

Our professional copywriters and bloggers ensure you have optimized content including web content, press releases, articles, blogs and whatever is relevant to your industry. Professionals do what you do not have time for, by creating your message in a professional manner and maintaining the best tone suitable for your individual industry and business.

Web development

In-house professional use creative concepts in the development of websites using the latest innovations in the growing technology industry.

Web and App Design

In-house professional are ready to design a website that has its clear focus on functionality, usability, excellent layout and creative elegance to grab the attention.

Social Network Marketing and Management

Digi2b is incredibly proud of the social media experts in our team which are some of the most innovative groups we have seen. Loving the social media interaction and attracting clients for our respective clients are what they excel in. Looking at which platforms your target audience frequent done through our research service they know where and how to give your business the most exposure while building a relationship with your clients. Managing your social media regardless whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more takes a tremendous amount of effort and time, which you would not have time for. Keeping abreast of trends in the social media world in your industry are what our professionals cannot wait to do for you.